The Small Idea


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Okay, so the title of this blog (by itself) may not inspire you. But what it contains should.

So much emphasis is placed on people who have hit upon that one Big Idea–you know, the one that makes them millions of dollars and sets them financially free for life. They invented something. They wrote a hit song. They published a runaway best seller. In other words, their extreme success was mostly due to luck.

We all know that the people who have achieved the highest level of success with their one Big Idea are few and far between. You might pitch a screenplay and get it turned into a major Hollywood production. You might pen the next Harry Potter series. You might start a business in your garage and become the next Bill Gates. You might. But you probably won’t. Because these people are exceptions to the rule. They are outliers.

Success—great success—belongs to everyone. To you and me alike.

You see, I call this blog The Small Idea partly because that’s what most ideas are—they’re small. But collectively, as one small idea leads to the next, the outcome can be huge.

But it’s also because life is not about the pursuit of that one Big Idea. If that happens, great. But it’s more about the little ideas all of us have everyday—acting upon them, building on them, allowing them to slowly but surely lift you out of the funk you’re in and into the realm of your own definition of success as you achieve your goals. Ideas that may not make you richer than Scrooge McDuck, but at least allow you to make the money you need to live on, plus a little extra for continually bettering your lifestyle.

This blog features stories about people who are upgrading, not downgrading. People who are eating well instead of tightening their belts. People who are optimistic about their financial futures, not constantly fretting about money. These are the people you’ll hear about.

Too many articles in the news today shine the spotlight on those who are drastically downsizing their lives in the face of the economic recession. Presumably this is about trying to make you feel like you are not alone, that everyone is in the same boat. But all that does is give you an excuse to feel helpless. Not enough attention is devoted to the people who are upsizing—that is, actually getting wealthier during these otherwise hard economic times.

Besides, no one ever mentions the upside to a recession. Think about it—everything is on sale! Interest rates are low. Houses cost much less than they used to. Cars are practically half price. Stocks are cheap. Restaurants are offering ways to dine out more affordably.

That said, I’m looking for stories. Not stories about people who have made millions of dollars on that one Big Idea. I’m talking about people who have rolled up their sleeves and gotten creative after losing their job or facing foreclosure. People who didn’t say “woe is me,” but instead, “how can I make the money I need?” People who are gaining a financial edge during a time when everyone seems to believe it’s impossible.

Maybe you still have your job but you’re making a few extra bucks on the side with an internet venture. Maybe you lost your job but started a business that is now providing you with more income than your job did. History is chock full of examples of people who have made their fortunes during recessions and depressions. These are people who have managed to lift a certain finger, wave it at the recession and say, “It’s MY economy.”

Are you somehow doing better than you were before the recession? Are you well on your way to that point? Or maybe you’ve heard of somebody who is. Write in and share the story! Your wisdom could inspire many others to take action as well.

Once you realize you are not doomed to financial failure, the sky is the limit. It is my hope that this blog will be like a beacon in the fog to all those who are feeling burdened by their current money situation.

Please keep your story to 700 words or less, and include a couple pictures if you would like. You may also send me the link to an existing article. E-mail

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4 Responses to “The Small Idea”

  1. 1 Phil

    Very well said. Far too many people are unconscious and simply following the herd saying times are bad when really they have no idea they can create their own ideal life. I’ll send my story along.

  2. 2 Wayne

    People often tell me that I’m getting brainwashed every time I go to a seminar on making money or personal development. That’s unfortunate because it’s really they, the vast majority, who are being brainwashed by the media every single day. I call it hypnosis by the media.

    This conditioning by society over a lifetime disables the mind so completely that most will never realise their true potential.

    When I’m talking about business, most people ask me what my ‘big idea’ is. They only hear about the big over night success stories. I’m sure they would find more hope and be more inclined follow their passion if they read about what it took, for example, Mel Gibson to become a Hollywood star. Every little bit of effort counts towards the big success.

  3. teaspoontimes, great blog you have. Hope a lot of people contribute. We so agree with what you have to say. We also try to help people in our ways. Small steps and small ways can lead to great change.

  4. Great idea, and so true that small steps can make the difference. Something that I have been noticing that is just so small, but seems to make a huge difference in the way everyone responds to you, it’s called smiling! I’ve been trying to smile more, because every one looks so gloomy, sad, and down trodden. I can’t tell you how infectious a smile and a laugh is, I have been keeping track of how often I get a smile back, I can’t even think of one time that it hasn’t worked like magic. Every time the person gleefully smiles back and nods and says hello. So small, yet a perfect way to foster a change in attitude.

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