Creating financial freedom during a recession


Phil Tanguay of New Brunswick, Canada, writes in with his own success story. Do you have a story about SUCCESS during the recession? E-mail it to me at!

Phil writes:

Yes, I AM one of those people who actually has had success during this “recession” or “bad times”.

I used to be a corporate drone working crazy hours for an employer that was not only heartless but quite incompetent as well. I was so brainwashed by employers, society and the media that it’s normal to work jobs and have a fixed income… all to make someone else like an owner or share holders rich. In the meantime I was missing out on my life, missing my kids grow up, their graduations birthday parties, sports tournaments… all because I had to work. And was I getting anywhere? No, I was only accepting my lot in life. That was until I decided enough was enough. That was the day I got my pension statement and realized I’d have to continue this slave-like job for another 15 to 20 years before I could retire and get my life back. No way! I knew right then and there my life would never change unless I took action, took some risk. That’s when I found my home business.

There are tons of them out there and not all legitimate either but I was fortunate that I found a reputable one right away. Not only could I have a business I could start part time from home but work far less hours and have virtually no cap on my income. The kicker was that it was all about personal development and growth! What could be better than investing in me? I got started and have not looked back. With the help of a fantastic community of leaders and mentors all genuinely interested in me having success I was able to leave my job within a few short months. I now get to be home every day with my family, able to attend my kids events and be home when they get home from school. The look on their faces is priceless.

I’ve learned so much about myself and that we create our own reality, our own lifestyle based on our beliefs and the decisions we make as a result of those beliefs. I get to travel with my family all over the world, network with truly successful people who are more than willing to share their experiences so that I can learn even more. I’ve made tons of great friends and live a lifestyle of freedom and joy.

As an added bonus I get more time for myself where I can pursue my passions of creativity through my art, something I never had time for before because I was always working, it was just a dream. It just goes to prove that we really do create our lives. Fourteen months ago this life was just a dream, now it’s real. I even get to share it with others and help them realize their true potential and the lifestyles of their dreams. Nothing could be more rewarding than the feeling of being able to impact some one’s life so dramatically for the better. If you ever are looking for authenticity, integrity and real fun in a home business, check out mine at . I’d love to open your eyes to a bright new world of potential. There will be those who choose to remain unconscious but hey, that’s their right I guess.

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